Tadpole vs Worm – The Stanley Cup!

We’re a family of hockey fans, as a large number of Canadians are.
And we all cheer for different teams for different reasons – that’s something that we’re very proud of.

When we brought Worm home from the hospital last year, his Big Brother told us that he was a Bruins fan.  We still don’t know why that’s the team he chose, but we ran with it.  Easton got his first jersey for his first Christmas, and he wears it proudly… especially now that Boston has won the Stanley Cup!!

Seeing him smiling, with his mini-cup in his hands, I was quickly reminded of last year, when his big brother could not have been more pleased to see his Mummy’s favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks bring home Lord Stanley.
It prompted a bit of a different “vs” today…

Check back tomorrow for the regular week-to-week comparison :)

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