Lindsay & Kelly – Engaged

It was after 11pm on the Easter Long Weekend.  My ringer was off, so it wouldn’t wake the boys, but I could hear the quiet vibration as my iPhone started to ring.
The call display showed that it was Linds, and I knew what she was going to say before I even picked up the phone.
“Hi. Can you guess why I’m calling?”

I’m getting a new SISTER!!!!

When my brother introduced Lindsay to us, we loved her.  And he was told in no uncertain terms that he’d better not screw up :)

And now, the Las Vegas destination wedding planning is in full swing, but we took some time out last weekend for some engagement portraits at Saxe Point.

Kelly (“Davy”) and Linds – I love you guys, and I can’t WAIT until your wedding in October.
Between the new dresses and hot shoes for the girls, and styling new suits for the guys… we’re going to be one well dressed Vegas crowd!


You can see more of their portraits in the Facebook album.

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