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After making it into the Top 10 last week, I was amped up for this weeks challenge… and then I discovered that there was a bit of a twist.  This week, in order to be eligible, our photos have to have been taken with our cell phone camera.

Lucky for me, Mister bought me an iPhone for my birthday last year, so I have a decent cell phone camera to use.  I had hundreds of pictures to sift through to find one that I thought was contest worthy. Instead, I decided to take a brand new one. I called the Tadpole over, to take a QUICK break from playing “hockey”. He climbed up on my lap, and I love the catchlight in his eyes from the window behind me. My favorite two things about this snapshot though, are that you can see the little birthmark on his forehead (Worm has a matching one on his left ankle) and that he’s still wearing his hockey gloves. They rarely leave his hands these days. This snapshot is just soooo HIM. <3

I e-mailed it from my iPhone to my home computer, did a couple quick edits (curves adjustment, gradient b&w, added a border and my watermark) in PS (which, according to official contest rules is NOT cheating. As long as it was shot with my cell phone, it counts), and here we have it!


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