iheartfaces – Best January Face

Amy and Angie are taking a week off, so it’s time for another People’s Choice.
This week, our challenge is to enter our best face photo – but the catch is that it had to be taken some time this month.

With Tadpole’s 3rd birthday this month, and Worm’s 1/2 birthday, I had some great ones to choose from, but I ultimately decided to enter my favorite one from Danielle & Chris’s engagement session.

It just oozes love and contentment, doesn’t it?


(If you feel so inclined, please click over to iheartfaces and vote for this photo! It’s number 111)

3 thoughts on “iheartfaces – Best January Face

  1. you guys look so much in love you should get married oh wait you are lol!!! kidding aside it’s a great photo guys I love it

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