iheartfaces – Innocent Wonder

“Innocent Wonder” could be interpreted in so many different ways.  I had every intention of taking some new photos of one (or both ) of my boys this weekend, but with an E-session, a family friend’s birthday party, a meeting, a trip up Island, the PACKERS game, and the Cowichan Valley Capitals home game, I kind of ran out of time.

But when I was looking back through some of my portraits from the past 6mo’s, this one jumped right out at me – it seemed just perfect for this weeks iheartfaces theme.

My boys. *sigh* LOVE my boys :)

8 thoughts on “iheartfaces – Innocent Wonder

  1. Wow! This photo is absolutely gorgeous! So precious!

    I would love to be able to get photos of my children like that together, but they are usually pretty uncooperative when it comes to group photos. Lol

  2. this is more than perfect!!!! two boys, man what more can a mother ask for! i have one lil boy _ lil boys are the most amazing and fascinating lil things!

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