Happy 3rd Birthday Tadpole!

I can’t even count how many times I’ve asked this question in the last 5yrs, but seriously… where has the time gone!?
How is it possible that my oldest baby is now a (very precocious) THREE year old?!

Today, he let me take some portraits of him (without too much resistance).  I’m hoping to be able to do this on every birthday, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he just rolls his eyes at me and says “Aww, Muuuuum” :)
Until then, I get to enjoy days like today. Cookies for breakfast, KD for lunch, McDonalds for dinner (Ah, the life of a 3yr old)… and a special trip to Goldstream Cycle to pick out his very first big-boy bike!  And of course, our mini-portrait session.

Happy 3rd Birthday Tadpole! Mummy loves you to the moon and back.

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3 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday Tadpole!

  1. Boo-boo congragulations on raising such an intelligent kind and entertaining lil fella! Always enjoy our time together


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