Maternity Portrait Photograher, Victoria BC

It’s been a very busy week in the Dey house, with a cranky toddler who’s all about testing the boundries, and a fussy newborn who’s still adjusting to life “on the outside”. So I haven’t had much time to process this shoot – but I wanted to tide them over until the rest of their images are ready for viewing…

…Earlier this week, I met up with Cynthia & Matt, to make some portrait magic. Cynthia hasn’t had the most pleasant pregnancy, suffering from most of the crummy side-effects of pregnancy, but her and Matt couldn’t be more excited to welcome their new baby girl in a few weeks and they wanted some photos to reflect this time in their lives.

They brought their first babies, their dogs, to take part in the session. I gotta say, these were two of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever seen! They even posed for me – too cute!

Enough words… on to the images :)
Cynthia & Matt, I hope you like your very short & sweet sneek-peek… plenty more to come. Hopefully soon!