Flashback Friday – Sunshine

As crazy as it is to think that my Tadpole is 2yrs… it’s even crazier to think that Sunshine was born 7 years ago!!  I remember it like it was yesterday – making a mad rush down the Malahat at 3am to pick up my HLM and get her to the hospital for Sunshine’s arrival.  A photo taken of the 3 of us that day (that I’ll have to remember to scan for a future Flashback Friday post) still sits on the bookshelf next to my bed.

After Tadpole was born, I was thrilled that Sunshine was so excited to meet him.  She sat on the end of my hospital bed holding him with a HUGE grin on her face, and I still smile every time I look at this snap of the two of them together.

Happy Birthday Sunshine!!  Love you!!

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