Tadpole is TWO!

How on earth is it possible that my baby boy is TWO years old already!?

Just like last year, I took the day off work to spend with him.  We didn’t make any specific plans… instead decided to just see where the day took us and let Tadpole choose what he wanted to do.
It started with breakfast.  He wanted oatmeal, so that’s what we had.  Then it was time for presents!! He opened the mail first… a card from M&M and baby Squash, and a book from Auntie Tulip – which we read, cover to cover, as soon as it came out of its envelope.

He got a Blackhawks jersey (which of course had to be put on right away – on top of his jammies) and a work bench that he got to help put together.

After naptime we had some playtime in the front yard before heading out for lunch.

He wasn’t too keen on smiling for the camera…

… until I asked him to show me his hockey stick.  :)

(You’ll notice the variety of teams we’re supporting in these few images… that’s what happens when you’re born into a hockey family! You support who you’re told to support until you’re old enough to choose for yourself. In Tadpole’s case, his jersey is for Mummy’s team, his toque is Daddy’s team, and his stick is Unk’s team)

Off to Ocdonalds for lunch… what a good boy, sharing his chicken nuggets with Mummy.

And what goes better with french fries, nuggets and orange juice than hockey cards!?  

He was so happy!

Next on the agenda… shopping.  He’s a true Shields at heart, my boy.  We went to Toys R Us where he got to choose what he wanted to buy.  We came home with an Oilers figurine (that he’s currently got sitting on his bedside table), a bag of Old Dutch Popcorn Twists (which he promptly polished off before dinner), and a cute stuffed turtle for Baby Noodle. 

It was a pretty busy birthday… he was a tired boy on our drive home. 

And now, he’s out like a light in his big boy bed.  *sigh*  My baby boy is growing up so fast! xoxo Little Tadpole.  I hope you had as much fun on your birthday as I did.