iheartfaces – Week 51: Hilarious Outtakes

Christmas is over and we’re right back into the contests at ifaces.  The theme this week is Hilarious Outtakes.  I knew I had a few funnies, but this is one of my favorites… I was standing at the bottom of the slide to catch the ear-to-ear grin on Tadpole’s face as he slid down the “BIG SLIDE”… but about half way down he started to turn a little bit – and he ended up face down and falling right off – you’ll notice he’s still got that ear-to-ear grin though! 

He stood up smiling, said “Crash!… AGAIN!” and he was off to climb back up to the top of the slide.  So much fun!

Head over to ifaces to see the rest of this weeks hilarious outtakes.