My friend, the Winner!

I’ve mentioned Pioneer Woman on my blog before… she’s incredible.  And she has such a crazy huge following that it’s a bit beyond belief!

Let’s just put it in perspective here… according to Google reader, I have 20 subscribers.  And PW has 2261. WOW. And that’s just her photography stream! 

Anyways, a little while ago, she started posting photo challenges on her blog – and hundreds (I’m just pulling that number out of thin air… it could be thousands for all I know) of people enter via her flickr challenge group.

I entered the Textures challenge a little while ago (with this photo), and my friend Jenn, entered the rounded edges challenge this week with this pretty image:

And OMG… she came 2nd!  2nd place out of hundreds of entries!  She won a $150 gift card – and of course, the accolades of PW!  I’m so proud of her!

Congratulations Jenn!!  Have fun spending your loot on some new gear :)

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