Awkward Family Photo

If you haven’t seen this website before, do yourself a favor and check it out.  It’s hysterical!  For a few months now, Unk’s better-half (who we’ll call Winnie, for the purposes of this blog) and I have been giggling about it on an almost daily basis!  We really wanted to submit our own awkward family photo to share with the world.

Then, shortly after they bought their new house, Ma’am and Papa took us all to dinner at Jack’s Place on Bear Mtn – and at the same place that I caught this of Tadpole giving the bear a hug, Winnie and I decided it was time to take our awkward family photo.

Mister and Unk were our more than willing subjects – as always… but it didn’t work out exactly as planned because they had such a hard time keeping a straight face!  In any case, here’s what we ended up with.  Enjoy!

And just because it’s so darn cute and I can’t resist (even though I just posted it last week), here’s Tadpole giving the bear a hug… 

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