The BIG Slide

I probably should’ve used one of these photos for yesterday’s iheartfaces contest, but I think they work so much better as a set. Instead, I decided to keep them all together and post them today.

When we were in Penticton for the long weekend, we took Tadpole to the coolest park ever!  I wish we had one like that around here!  It was raining, but he’d been a good boy that morning, and we wanted to let him have a little play time.

He was thoroughly enjoying himself, running around and splashing in the puddles… and then his eyes went as big as saucers when he noticed it…  He couldn’t wait to clamor up the stairs and come soaring down the BIG red slide – and lucky for me, Mister took his post at the top, so I got to stand at the bottom with my camera…

You’ll note that Tadpole’s sporting an ear-to-ear grin as he’s about to faceplant into the gravel.  He rolled over, jumped up, said ‘Ah-GEN’ (again)!  and made his way back to Mister at the top of the slide for round two.

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