The Bike

Oh, he’s just so spoiled!  Grandma has said from the beginning that spoiling the Tadpole is her job – and let me tell you, she’s doing a mighty-fine job of it! 

A few weekends ago we headed over to Grandma & Grandpa’s for Sunday dinner.  As soon as we arrived, Grandma took Tadpole into the computer room to show him what they’d bought for him.

It was a bike!  His first set of wheels!

Almost immediately, we took it outside for a spin.  (The 3rd picture from the top is one of my favorites because every time I look at it I can still hear him saying “Oh BOY!”)

It was all fun and games and smiles until we made him put on his helmet. Poor Tadpole was less than impressed.  He’s used to it now and doesn’t look so sad when he wears it, but I think we might need to get him a cool-dude helmet (that he can wear on his future skateboard and bmx bike) one of these days.

Tadpole says thanks for the bike Grandma, and Grandpa!  Love you!

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