My Story in Photos: The Summer Edition

It’s another non-contest week at ifaces.  During Angie & Amy’s week off, we’re sharing our Story in Photos: The Summer Edition.

When Grumpy & Granny come down island to visit Tadpole, they like to plan mini-outings for us.  We all love getting Tadpole out and doing new, fun things.  On this particular occasion, Granny packed a picnic lunch and we headed to the Esquimalt Lagoon for some fun in the sand and sun.  Tadpole hadn’t been to the beach in over a year (the last time was in Mexico), and while at first he wasn’t sure about the sand in his toes, it didn’t take long for him to realize the potential of running amok.  He got soaked in the Ocean, and loved every minute of it!  Sand – good.  “Wadur” – good.  Sand + Wadur = Mud – GREAT!

I’m way behind in this post, but that’s because I knew there would be an ifaces occasion to post them.  I’m not even really going to try to narrow it down…  I’ll post a whole whack of ‘em.

Head over to ifaces to see the rest of this weeks Summer stories.

3 thoughts on “My Story in Photos: The Summer Edition

  1. What a handsome little man you have!!!! I love all the pictures, I'm having a hard time picking my fav…I love the red hat pics & the ones where he's got a handful of mud. Great job!

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