Constructive Feedback Friday

It’s not just all about contests at iheartfaces. This week they offered constructive feedback to the first 40 people who entered a photo. Here’s my submission.

This was my edited version. When I first started shooting, I didn’t know to save the original – this lesson has since been well learned! In any case, the only editing done (other than adding a watermark) was auto color, levels & contrast adjustments in Photoshop7.

Aperture f/3.5
Exposure time 1/500s
Focal Length 14.0mm
ISO 200

2 thoughts on “Constructive Feedback Friday

  1. He is PRECIOUS! LOOK at those eyes! Not why I'm here…I got distracted by the cuteness…I'm Dana, new contributer with iHeartfaces.OK, I notice the slide is RED and that reflection is reflected onto his face. If you go into hue/saturation, from the drop down menu, you can select red, and then reduce that red so it's not so bright on his face. It won't take much at all, maybe 5-10%. That alone will make a nice difference in the photo.He sure is adorable!

  2. The reflection off of the slide causing the red on the bottom of his face is slightly distracting. I would probably selct that area of his face and create a new layer with it. Then adjust the color hues in that layer to reduce the redness, but otherwise the actual photo itself is lovely!

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