Rock Band

In our usual “way-overboard” fashion, Mister and I spoiled each other rotten again this past Christmas. The look on his face was priceless when he spotted his spankin’ new PS3. And while Santa was filling the Tadpole’s stocking, one of his elves decided to help out and get the PS3 all set-up. SWEET!

We weren’t the only ones doing the spoiling though… Unk went ALL OUT. I got my sweet Olympus, and he bought RockBand for Mister.
After a very exhausted Tadpole went to bed on Christmas night, we created our band, A Dey at O’Schitzy’s, and rocked until we could rock no more.

Tadpole was pretty interested in the new “toys” that Mummy, Daddy & Unk were playing with, so he decided he should have a go with each…