"Uncle’s Day"

In honour of their new Uncle Burger, A&W has declared today, April 19th, as “Uncle’s Day”; and they’re running a contest called Canada’s Ultimate Uncle. Tadpole wanted to enter his Unk, but because he hasn’t reached the age of majority (and that’s the first stipulation in the contest rules), he’s not eligible.
He was a bit sad about it because he already had his entry all written. It made him happy when I told him that his Mummy would be happy to post it on her blog so that everyone would know who the REAL “Ultimate Uncle” is…

Dear A&W,

I think that I have the Ultimate Uncle.

After my Daddy, Unk was the first person to know about my impending arrival – and he was the very first person that came to the hospital to meet me.

When I was a baby and I screamed my head off for hours and hours, he came to look after me so that Mummy & Daddy could go on a much-needed dinner date. When they came home the house was a total disaster (sink full of tub water, clothes all over the floor, dirty diaper – still open – on the counter…), but Unk and I were having a cuddle and snoozing in the rocking chair.

Unk bought me my first set of golf clubs when I was just 19 days old… I’m still waiting for my lessons, but Mummy and Daddy figure it would help if I was taller.

On Christmas Eve, Unk slept over at our house so that he could get up early in the morning and see my very first presents from Santa. Santa brought me some cool stuff – but Unk gave me something really special… my very first pair of hockey skates! Mummy and Daddy put them away in my closet though. They say that my feet are still too small for them – and that I need to learn how to walk better before I can skate.

My first birthday was a few weeks after Christmas. Mummy and Daddy took me to PlayZone, and Unk came too. We had so much fun! After dinner we had cupcakes and I got more presents. My Unk gave me a super-duper hockey helmet to go with my super-duper skates! It’s already got my number decaled on it and everything.

Now that I’m a big kid, I’m learning to walk and talk. My first words were Mummy & Daddy & cheese, but “Unk” came shortly afterwards. I love my Unk. He comes to visit me every week and we have lots of playtime. He lets me wear his hat, helps me climb the stairs, and makes me giggle. And giggle. And giggle.

I have the best Unk in the universe.