Baby Banana

We haven’t been in contact for the entire time, but my oldest friend in the world (our Mom’s were pregnant together. We were born just under a month apart) is now going to be my first PAYING client.
PallyBoy and his wife know that I’m new to the whole photography gig, but they clearly have more confidence in me than I do in myself :)
When they called the other weekend and asked if I’d be interested in shooting their family portraits, I was so nervous!! But excited. But NERVOUS!
We’re booked for later this month, so I am going to use as much of my down-time as I can to come up with some ideas and practice, practice, practice!

In the meantime, as a quick thank-you, (yesterday’s Flash-Back Friday featured big-sister Sunshine, and,) I thought I’d post this shot of Banana that I snapped on a visit shortly she was born. She looks so much like her Daddy!

Enjoy guys – and thanks again!