Valentine’s Day at the Park

I’m still feeling under the weather, and there’s nothing going on at home, so I’m going to do some more catch-up posting. On to Valentine’s Day…

What better way to spend Cupid’s Day than with the two loves of my life? It was a sunny Saturday, so we bundled up the Tadpole and headed to his favourite place, the park. I had a great time watching Mister play with our boy, and I was able to snap some pretty decent pictures too.

* A quick side-note… some readers have commented on the photo that’s used as my blog header. While it was my idea to have a photo taken of Mummy and Tadpole’s feet, Mister gets full credit for the shot. He took it when we first arrived at the park, and it turned out perfectly! Couldn’t have done it better myself. Nice work Mister!