Flash Back Friday #2

Feb 2008: You can tell he’s watching intently… but you can’t tell WHAT he’s watching. Would it surprise you to know that it’s a hockey game?

After the regular season ended in 2008, we had to sign-up for the NHL Network. Hockey is one of the only things that calmed the colicky Tadpole. Bizarre. But maybe that’s why he loves it so much now. Even at the ripe age of 14mo’s, he can say “hockey” – and he knows exactly what it means. He watches it on TV. He loves to watch it live. And he has two little mini-sticks that he goes back and forth between. He’s almost always carrying one around with him, or shooting/passing his ball. There are a few theories as to why exactly he loves it so much.
1) Genetics
2) In-Utero Suggestion (I watched a lot of hockey when I was pregnant with “Slapshot”. Especially near the end because it was the World Jr.’s)
3) Intelligence – he’s already smart enough to know that there isn’t a better sport in the WORLD than hockey.