Very First Post

The time has finally come… my Very First Post!

Last night we took the Tadpole to his first big hockey game. Being the hockey-family that we are, it’s a tad shocking that it took us this long but he screamed thru almost all of the first hockey-season of his life, so that’s where most of the fault lies. Colic. When all else fails, blame it on the colic. Damn, I’m getting off track already. Okay… Unkle is the goalie coach for the Cowichan Valley Capitals who were playing in Victoria against the Grizzlies. In honour of playoffs, we decided to be a little lenient with bed-time (which almost NEVER happens!) and head to the rink after dinner.

I think it’s the most fun our little family has ever had.
And the Caps’ littlest fan seems to be a good luck charm because they won 3-2.
Go Caps!

One thought on “Very First Post

  1. Great post Krysta! I’m so proud of you for doing this! Those are some awesome pics – I especially love the first and last ones. I look forward to your next post :)

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