Halloween, 2014


We took advantage of the few minutes of sunshine that Sunday offered, and spent some time Clone-trooper/Commander Cody battling in the gravel pit near our house. (As opposed to Storm-trooper battling. While I have watched the Star Wars movies, I’m … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram


The month might not be over, but seeing as how there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, the A to Z portion of October’s #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim) are now complete! I’m really happy with how my posts turned … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram


We’re almost half way through October, and I’m proud to say that so far this month, every single #fmsphotoaday post was shot/edited solely with my iPhone! Sending thanks again, to Fat Mum Slim  for keeping up with the challenge lists … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram


It’s the last day of September, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’ve officially completed the ENTIRE month of #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim)! Over the month I’ve challenged myself more to use my iPhone (instead of … Continue reading

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Three weeks in, and I’m still hanging on! I WILL complete an ENTIRE month of #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim)! Now the question remains: challenge myself to another month? Or try a different set of lists? Maybe Clickin Moms … Continue reading

First Day of School, 2014

Now that the BC Teachers strike is finally over, school is back in session!

My little Duders are growing up so fast! I’m glad that I started this tradition of First Day of School pictures against our front door.  It makes for a fun/easy comparison as the years go by.
First up, both my boys.  Dek’s first day of Grade One, and E’s first day of Preschool.


And here’s the year-by-year, side-by-side comparison of Dek.


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I [heart] Instagram


I’m so glad I’m forcing myself to do this. It’s fun, pushing myself to be creative, even if it is “just” with my iPhone. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you need a big/fancy camera in order to make … Continue reading

I [heart] Instagram


It’s still early in the month, so don’t hold me to it, but I’m going to attempt to complete an entire month of #fmsphotoaday prompts (via Fat Mum Slim). So far, so good. Despite the fact that I’m a full-time … Continue reading

Macro Monday – Wedding Rings

If you’d asked me at the start of 2014 if I’d be shooting any weddings this year, I would’ve said “No. I don’t do weddings any more. Just newborns.”

I was wrong. When my Dad mentioned that his friends daughter was getting married and he wanted me to shoot the wedding with him, how could I say no? A chance to work beside the person who is the reason I fell in love with photography to begin with… who wouldn’t take it!?

So, on a beautiful, sunshiney Saturday afternoon, my Dad picked me up in the hotrod, and we drove to Shawnigan Lake for Chrissie & Jay’s wedding.

I sent a super-quick sneak-peek to the new Mrs yesterday, and will likely do a full blog post in a few weeks.  Her sneak peek included this image of their wedding rings.  I love the simplicity and beauty that a macro lens can capture! Who needs fancy props when the details themselves are this perfect?


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